Human development is continuously evolving of programmes that are targeted to improve the general well-being of people. There are great expectations from governments, organizations and specialists to design and implement robust programmes that uplift the people, create jobs and improve the economy. Hence, projects are created to meet these expectations.

Though various projects, political promises, societal needs and national ambitions are aimed at meeting developmental needs, however a greater percentage of projects and programmes do not fulfil the set objectives or translate to the goals which there are meant to achieve. This failure is said to be primarily connected to lack of proper monitoring and evolution (M&E) process as integral part of all Projects.

Where the intention is not to allow projects to fail the skills required to monitor and control the process to make it succeed are often lacking. Corruption can be blamed but when the knowledge to engage in best practice through following sets of rules is absent anything goes.

Monitoring end evaluation (M&E) process helps to identify project risks and addresses them to avoid failure. Nigerian Ports Authority is currently training her Staff on this process with the aim of ushering in brand new system managers for year 2018 that can match expectations with outcomes. The training which is being delivered at FCIINT Centre for Technical Development provides the delegates with an insight into project monitoring and evaluation. It follows guidelines of project management principles through stages of continuous monitoring and evaluation   that help optimize resources and guide projects to meet the expected goals.


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