Even with the slump in global trade affecting most shipping nations, Singapore has once again emerged the number one nation in international seaborne trade facilitation making it the leading maritime capitals, according to the World Report for 2017 by Menon Economics a Norwegian consultancy firm reputed for maritime survey.

Singapore came on top as the number one in Shipping, Ports and Logistics, and Attractiveness and Competitiveness. It gained second place in Maritime Technology and fourth place in Finance and Law.

According to Menon’s “The Leading Maritime Capitals of the World” Singapore was able to maintain its reputation as a world leading maritime hub due to the width of the city-state’s maritime industry. Singapore development and economic success is greatly tied to the success of the maritime sector which has optimized the full capacity of its port city advantage.

The report also disclosed that Dubai was fast becoming the major player in this category of the leading maritime capitals as it is poised to be the first Arab city to be ranked alongside top global players, joining Singapore, Hamburg, Oslo, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Copenhagen, Athens, and London.

The survey ranked Dubai fifth on the list of the world’s most competitive and attractive maritime clusters. Though Nigeria is not mentioned in this ranking but the opportunities to lead the West Africa regional market this height is possible. The industry leaders are already tasked by President Buhari administration to deliver a first class sector upon which the economy will ride. Corruption which has been the hindrance to sector development is gradually been eradicated. Nigeria Company is beginning to receive fair chances to compete with their counterparts.

The Nigeria leading port authority, Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) has thrown open its door opening up to more international players with an ongoing discussion to collaborate with the Japanese Government especially in the areas of technical and manpower support even as both agencies aspire to institute a regime of operational efficiency at the nation’s Seaports. It is believed that such collaboration with high network maritime country will pave way for the aspiration for a regional maritime trade hub.


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